The manufacture of lithographic heat set, sheet fed and cold set printing inks require the use of select petroleum distillates and naphthenic oils to impart the desired properties needed on today’s high speed presses. With the advance of the digital age, magazines and newspapers are under constant scrutiny to deliver the highest quality print as efficiently as possible.

Resolute Oil understands the many issues facing the printing industry and offers a complete line MaxSol® hydro-processed middle distillates with the proper boiling ranges and solubility characteristics needed to formulate high quality, cost effective lithographic paste inks, flush color pigments, vehicles and resin solutions. In addition, our line of MaxNap® naphthenic oils provide the necessary properties for formulating quality news and cold set inks.

If you want to partner with a company committed to the long term success of the printing ink industry, partner with Resolute Oil.

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