Oil & Gas

The balance and sophistication required to meet both the technical needs and social responsibilities for today’s oil field service sector is as difficult as it has ever been. Between federal and state regulations, as well as input from NGO’s, the standards for hydraulic fracturing systems and drilling muds are being pushed to new levels. Resolute Oil understands the new complexities.

Whether your issues are BTEX, pour point, viscosity, flash point, CAS numbering, sustainability or logistics Resolute Oil stands ready to listen and respond. Utilizing the variety of high purity fluids in inventory at our terminal on the Houston ship channel, Resolute Oil is ready to start working on solutions for your issues. Given our network of terminals and fleet of RC’s, we are ready to support your requirements anywhere in North America.

If we don’t have an off the shelf solution, let’s start working together on a tailored solution to meet your specific needs.

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