Group I Paraffinic Base Oil

Still the “workhorse” of the wide range of lubrication formulations, solvent-neutral Group 1 base oils offer high-lubricity, good oxidation resistance and high viscosity index results. Resolute Oil has access to both Pennsylvania-grade and mid-continent-based supply through our local storage in Pasadena, Texas.

Group II Paraffinic Base Oil

North American production of high-quality Group 2 base oils is the result of fractionated paraffinic mineral oil stocks further-refined by state-of-the-art hydro-cracking and catalytic de-waxing technology. By design, Group 2 base oils are highly-saturated with extremely low aromatic levels, thermally-stable and very low volatility. The high-purity, low-wax content/lower pour points and consistently high viscosity index have allowed Group 2 base oils to enter applications that previously demanded either Group I or naphthenic base oil properties including feedstocks for food and cosmetic grade petroleum products, agriculture spray oils, textile lubricating oils, adhesives and specialty chemical process oils.

Naphthenic Base Oil

Naphthenic base oils, often called “pale oils” are ‘first-intention’ distilled cuts from the processing of naphthenic crude oil. The chemical structure of naphthenics are cycloalkanes with a typical six carbon ring structure. By design, a naphthenic base oil has excellent low temperature properties with good solubility and solvency assuring their wide use in ink compounding, metal working fluids, grease production, polymer extender and high pressure compressor lubricants.

White Mineral Oil (NF / USP / TW)

Long referred to as the “refiner’s jewels” white mineral oils are highly-refined mineral petroleum oils consisting of complex straight- and branched-chain saturated hydrocarbons. The resulting product is odorless and colorless with the highest purity and lowest toxicity possible. White mineral oils are considered inert, stable against thermal and oxidative degradation, and noncomedogenic. White mineral oil has a wide array of applications and is a perfect product for direct (and indirect) contact with food, grain de-­dusting, cosmetics, ink, baby oil, and many more.

Low Aromatic Hydrocarbon Solvents

Resolute Oil’s MaxSolv® is a water-white, low aromatic hydrocarbon solvent. Boiling range, flash point and viscosity can be generically described as ‘inside the typical mineral seal oil properties.’

Resolute Pionier USP Petrolatum

Petrolatums are a mixture of oily and waxy long chain, saturated hydrocarbons.  They are odorless and tasteless, with color ranging from white to yellow.  True petrolatums are chemically inert and stable.  This, combined with their natural occlusive moisturizing properties, make them critical components in high performing  personal care formulations and exacting pharmaceutical ointments.  Other petrolatum applications include food processing, tanning, corrosion inhibitors, water repellants, as well as various lubricating uses.  

Aliphatic Hydrocarbon Solvents

High-purity hydrocarbon aliphatic solvents are best-described as ‘hydro-treated’ or ‘sweetened’ middle distillates. Ultra-low-sulfur diesel or kerosene feedstocks are processed through additional high pressure refining and distilled into narro, tightly managed boiling ranges. The controlled color, odor, flash and aromatic levels make these solvents ideal as carriers for performance products in the production of ink, metal working fluids, EDM oils, on-shore drilling muds, ATF fluids and consumer products compounding.

Specialty Oil & Gas Products

Resolute Oil MaxPure® is the perfect chemistry for the most demanding applications. MaxPure® is a nil-aromatic BTEX free carrier fluid for gel and slurry systems. Available from our Pasadena terminal or via railcar to any North American destination.

Specialty Agricultural Products

Resolute’s business model is based on the aggregating of high-quality feedstocks with a goal of upgrading, handling and processing those feedstocks to specific application requirements. We use all of our key industry knowledge and extensive asset base to provide products that best fill our customers’ unique performance requirements.