Resolute Oil offers its MaxSol® line of hydrocarbon solvents for use in the graphic arts, resin, and allied industries. Produced from a consistent source of Pennsylvania grade crude oil, these high quality, narrow-boiling-range specialty fluids are hydro‐processed to enhance color and improve odor while retaining critical solvency characteristics. The unique properties of MaxSol® products make them well-suited for use as the main solvent component in heat set offset lithographic paste inks and flush color pigments. In addition, compatibility with a variety of resin systems allows MaxSol® to perform ideally when incorporated into resin solutions and vehicle formulations. These same properties and capabilities allow wide spread use in specialty applications such as metal working fluids, additive carriers, caulks, and paper defoamers.

The MaxSol® line is available in bulk truck and railcar quantities of varying distillation ranges to fit your specific application’s needs.


Product Line Notes

The number identifier located after the product tradename represents the typical flash point in °F.

Sample Product Image