Petrolatum USP

Resolute Oil is the exclusive North American marketer of USP petrolatum produced by Hansen & Rosenthal.  H&R, headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, has been producing petrolatum for over seventy-five years. They are globally recognized by multinational personal care and pharmaceutical companies as a manufacturer of petrolatum with unsurpassed quality and consistency.  

Petrolatums are a mixture of oily and waxy long chain, saturated hydrocarbons.  They are odorless and tasteless, with color ranging from white to yellow.  True petrolatums are chemically inert and stable.  This, combined with their natural occlusive moisturizing properties, make them critical components in high performing  personal care formulations and exacting pharmaceutical ointments.  Other petrolatum applications include food processing, tanning, corrosion inhibitors, water repellants, as well as various lubricating uses.  

All grades of petrolatums pass all the requirements of USP as well as the requirements for FDA 21 CFR 172.880.


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Petrolatum USP