Railcar Services

Resolute Oil manages a fleet of over 40 railcars. With both lined and unlined railcars, we direct our fleet to dedicated service depending on the applications and needs of your business. A dedicated portion of our railcar fleet is certified Kosher and is committed only to that related service.

Custom Order Sizes

Our order sizes vary to fit your company’s needs. We can process orders via barge, railcar, tank-truck, or T/L Drums. By offering this supply flexibility we can better manage delivery costs and provide the best service possible.

24/7 Tank Truck Loading

Our Pasadena facility loads tank truck and railcar shipments 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The flexible loading schedule supports our customer’s JIT programs, vendor managed inventory, and emergency supply shipments when needed. This allows us to work with your schedule to get our products to you when you need them.

Multi-Component Blending

Resolute Oil combines the latest technology with a strong understanding of oil properties to provide application specific products to our customer base. Dedicated piping, in-line blending, and high tech tank meters allow Resolute Oil to offer targeted viscosities and/or other performance properties.

Flexibag Loading

Resolute Oil has partnered with the highest quality gulf coast manufacturers of liquid Flexibag containers to offer a safe and cost effective supply method to our International customer base. Our selected Flexibag suppliers offer materials that meet FDA and other governing standards for food-grade and other non-hazardous oils. Resolute Oil’s loading rack was designed for fast and safe setup and filling of our entire product line. Sample image provided by EPT.

Multiple Outside FDA Testing Laboratories

Beyond our in-house laboratory services Resolute Oil contracts with a set of quality outside testing laboratories depending on their area of expertise. Our FDA testing and certification is managed by an expert laboratory and supported by round robin testing through other FDA qualified laboratories.

Transload Sites

Resolute Oil maintains a longtime transload site in Des Moines, Iowa. This site was strategically selected to support our large mid-western food-grade oil applications. Beyond our off-site tank storage in Los Angeles, California; Wichita, KS; and Chicago Illinois, we welcome the opportunity to expand our transload capabilities to match our customers’ local requirements.