We're committed to working with our agricultural customers and helping to ensure that they're using the right products for the job at hand. Our agricultural oils provide safe, reliable protection for your crops, and we keep inventory at strategic points across the United States so our customers can have access to the products they need when they need them.

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Agricultural Spray Oils

Resolute Oil researched and developed its EPA-registered MaxPure® Crop line of agricultural spray oils to defend plants and crops against disease and pests. Our agricultural spray oils are registered with the EPA and are also OMRI Listed. Their high unsulfonated residue (USR) levels guarantee low phytotoxicity, and high distillation midpoints prove that the spray oils will not evaporate prematurely.

Banana Spray Oil

MaxPar® BSO banana spray oil is a highly-refined technical-grade white mineral oil that's odorless, tasteless, and colorless. It has proven to be an effective carrier spray oil for active ingredients in the fight against plant-borne diseases such as Black Sigatoka and Yellow Sigatoka. Like our agricultural spray oils, MaxPar BSO is low in phytotoxicity and high in unsulfonated residue content.

Grain Dust Oil

Controlling and suppressing dust is a primary concern for operators of grain elevators, and MaxPar® GDO grain dust oil can help protect against grain dust explosions, improve employee work environments, and also limit profit loss due to shrinkage. MaxPar GDO is a safe and economical NF-grade spray oil that's FDA approved for direct food contact.

Agriculture Products

MaxPure® Crop

MaxPure Crop products are EPA-registered, OMRI-listed, and state-approved crop oils, and are odorless, tasteless, and colorless. They are used in summer and dormant crop oil formulations to protect trees, plants, and crops from pests, insects, and disease. MaxPure Crop products' high unsulfonated residue content makes them low in phytotoxicity and compatible with a wide variety of agricultural applications.

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MaxPar® BSO

MaxPar BSO is a high-purity technical grade spray oil designed to be used as a carrier in the fight to protect plants against disease and pests.

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MaxPar® GDO

MaxPar GDO is an odorless, colorless, and tasteless grain dedust oil designed for use in dust suppression systems, and is an NF-grade white mineral oil that's safe for direct food use.

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