MaxPure® PD

Petroleum Distillate


We developed MaxPure PD to fulfill all EPA requirements while providing consistent, reliable performance in our customers' friction reducers (suspension and invert emulsion), crosslinkers, xanthan gum suspensions, and guar gum suspensions.

MaxPure PD products act as inert carrier fluids and are field-proven in both suspension and invert emulsion systems. Our research and development work has led to the creation of many off-the-shelf formulations, but we're also capable of providing customized, multipurpose chemistry that we can tailor to our customers' needs.

All MaxPure PD products are "BTEX Pass" and meet existing regulations for use in hydraulic fracturing applications.

We're committed to our oil & gas customers, which is why we provide industry-leading customer service that our competitors are either unable or unwilling to provide. We'll accommodate last-minute orders, and we're accessible to our customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. On top of that, our customers gain access to our extensive lab resources, support, and technical experience.

MaxPure PD Products

Note: Products are identified by a number (e.g., MaxPure PD 210) that corresponds to the product's flash point (°F).
MaxPure PD 170
MaxPure PD 185
MaxPure PD 200
MaxPure PD 202
MaxPure PD 210
MaxPure PD 215
MaxPure PD 230
MaxPure PD 245
MaxPure PD 250
MaxPure PD 250T
MaxPure PD 285
MaxPure PD 340T
MaxPure PD 345
MaxPure PD 360
MaxPure PD 365
MaxPure PD 400

MaxPure PD Properties

  • BTEX Pass
  • Customizable
  • Proven in the field

MaxPure PD Applications

  • Suspension friction reducer
  • Invert emulsion friction reducer
  • Xanthan gum suspension
  • Guar gum suspension
  • Crosslinker

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