Specialty Solvents

Why Choose Our Specialty Solvents?

Resolute Oil's specialty solvents are produced using a consistent, proven source of Pennsylvania-grade crude that has been hydrotreated to enhance color, odor, and aromatic qualities.

MaxSol® brand specialty solvents have found extensive use in the graphic arts, resin, and similar industries because they offer robust and predictable solvency required by today's high-performance inks, resins, and coatings. The unique properties of MaxSol products make them well-suited for use as the primary solvent component in heatset offset lithographic paste inks and flushed color pigments. Furthermore, MaxSol's compatibility with a variety of different resin systems ensures superb performance when incorporated into resin solutions and vehicle formulations.

Outside of the printing and ink industries, MaxSol products also fit applications in allied industries and are used in everything from metalworking fluids to paper defoamers.

Alternatively, if your application requires an aliphatic solvent with ultra-low aromatics, check out our MaxSolv® line of low aromatic solvents.

Specialty Solvent Products


MaxSol specialty solvents are hydrotreated to improve color and odor characteristics while keeping desired solvency. MaxSol products exhibit consistent evaporation rates and are low in both sulfur and wax content. Used in lithographic paste inks and flushed color pigments, MaxSol is also a strong candidate for use in metalworking fluids and the allied industries.

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Specialty Solvents Properties

  • Low aromatics (~10%)
  • Great solvency
  • Consistent evaporation rates
  • Water-white in color
  • Highly saturated
  • Low sulfur
  • Low wax
  • Low pour points

Specialty Solvents Applications

  • Ink applications
  • Metalworking

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