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Resolute Oil offers oils and solvents used as carriers and diluents in the pest control industry.

MaxPure® Spray Oils

Our MaxPure Spray products are well-suited to Ultra-Low Volume (ULV) spray systems and provide excellent carrier characteristics in an environmentally-friendly package. MaxPure Spray oils are very high in unsulfonated residue content and low in phytotoxicity meaning they won't be harmful to plant life. These products carry EPA and OMRI registrations.


MaxSolv® Aliphatic Solvents

MaxSolv ultra-low aromatic solvents provide reliable and robust solvency when used as diluents in pesticide products. On top of their solvency characteristics, MaxSolv products offer consistent evaporation rates, and we provide non-VOC options that meet stringent regulatory requirements.

Pest Control Products


MaxSolv products are severely-refined, highly saturated aliphatic solvents that are water-white in color and possess versatile properties such as low pour points, narrow boiling ranges, and consistent solvency. MaxSolv low-aromatic aliphatic solvents offer high-purity performance for use in environmentally conscious applications.

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