MaxPar® BSO

High-Purity Spray Oil


MaxPar BSO 75 is a high purity spray oil that protects plant life against disease and pests. It is biodegradable and safe to the end user, and has an ultra high unsulfonated residue (UR) level that keeps toxicity to plants very low.

MaxPar BSO 75 can be used to control both Yellow and Black Sigatoka disease. By coating the leaf with a thin film of oil the fungi growth will be slowed. Pests will also avoid protected plant life. Because the banana spray oil is a non-toxic chemical, fungi and pests cannot become immune to the product. MaxPar BSO 75 can be used in addition to other fungicides to help combat disease on multiple levels.

MaxPar BSO 75 is developed from refined paraffinic oil and is a technical-grade white oil. Once sprayed onto a plant, MaxPar BSO maintains a barrier from pests and fungus for some time to avoid damaging the host plant. In order for the spray oil to perform these tasks optimally it must fall into strict specifications.

The refinement of spray oil is measured by its unsulfonated residue. The higher the UR level the less toxic, and the more saturated the oil is rated at. When spray oil has a lower UR level it can be much more damaging to plant life. MaxPar BSO 75 has a UR level of 92% as a minimum; it has been shown that spray oil that falls under a 90% UR level drastically increases the toxicity to plant life.

The time it takes for a spray oil to evaporate is measured by its distillation mid-point. A higher mid-point will allow the oil to evaporate slower and protect the plant life for a longer period of time. A distillation mid-point of 400 degrees Fahrenheit is considered to be the lowest level before a spray oil is deemed ineffective. The average mid-point for MaxPar BSO 75 is 429 degrees Fahrenheit.

MaxPar BSO Products

Note: Products are identified by a number (e.g. MaxPar BSO 75) that corresponds to the product's viscosity (SUS @100°F).
MaxPar BSO 75
MaxPar BSO 75 NF

MaxPar BSO Properties

  • Technical white oil
  • Adjuvant / carrier
  • High unsulfonated residue (UR)
  • Non-toxic

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