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Resolute Oil is a leading supplier of ink solvents and petrolatum to the graphic arts, industrial printing, resin, and allied industries.

Ink Solvents

Our MaxSol specialty solvents are high-quality, low-odor, narrow boiling range products designed to provide consistent and dependable performance when dissolving ink components such as pigment and vehicle. MaxSol products are well-suited for use as the primary solvent in lithographic paste inks and flush color pigments.

Petrolatum USP

Printing ink manufacturers use Resolute Oil's petrolatum products in heat-set and offset ink formulations to improve tack, slip, and rub characteristics.

Inks & Coating Products


MaxSol specialty solvents are hydrotreated to improve color and odor characteristics while keeping desired solvency. MaxSol products exhibit consistent evaporation rates and are low in both sulfur and wax content. Used in lithographic paste inks and flushed color pigments, MaxSol is also a strong candidate for use in metalworking fluids and the allied industries.

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Petrolatum USP

Our Petrolatum USP products are odorless and tasteless, and are produced by one of Europe's largest manufacturers of specialty hydrocarbon products.

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