Banana Spray Oil

Safe, Reliable, and Cost-Effective

Banana farmers rely on many technologies – some old; some new – to keep their crop protected from disease and pests, and banana spray oil is one of the most reliable and cost-effective tools at their disposal.

Protection Against Fungal Banana Plant Diseases

Banana plants are at constant risk of contracting diseases like Black Sigatoka, also known as "black leaf streak," and Yellow Sigatoka. Two particular strains of fungus cause these diseases: Mycosphaerella fijiensis and Mycosphaerella musae. Left unchecked, Black and Yellow Sigatoka can wreak havoc on a banana plantation and severely affect crop quality and yield.

Banana spray oils, like Resolute Oil's MaxPar® BSO, are a frontline defender against fungal diseases and help to keep plant-to-plant spore propagation to a minimum.

Banana Leaf

Effective Barrier Against Many Pests

Banana spray oils are excellent carriers for fungicides and pesticides alike and ensure that chemicals remain on plants long enough to be effective. In addition to being a carrier, banana spray oils can act as an active ingredient by suffocating insects that land on plants. Best of all, insects cannot develop an immunity to banana spray oils like MaxPar BSO.

MaxPar BSO

MaxPar BSO is an odorless, tasteless, and colorless highly-refined mineral oil that's proven effective in combating disease and pests. MaxPar BSO has an ultra high unsulfonated residue content level, which ensures low phytotoxicity when applied to plants.

Resolute Oil offers MaxPar BSO in bulk and packaged quantities and services customers domestically and internationally.

Banana Spray Oil Products

MaxPar® BSO

Resolute Oil's MaxPar BSO is a high-purity technical grade spray oil designed to protect plants against disease and pests.

Developed to protect banana plants from Black and Yellow Sigatoka diseases, MaxPar BSO is a non-toxic product for which fungi and pests cannot develop immunity.

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