Environmental Social Governance Disclosure


Resolute Oil, LLC is a family-owned company managed by its founder and management team of industry experts. The company follows ISO 9001–2015 standards to ensure operational excellence. The company undergoes an annual financial audit to ensure compliance with GAAP accounting standards. The company utilizes its accounting firm, legal firm, banking relationship, and insurance agents to continually implement the best industry practices in all of its operations. Our various relationships and management team help provide growth and protection to the company.


Environmental conservation and protection of our air and water are essential to Resolute Oil. We provide environmentally friendly products in place of products that can cause harm to our water tables, air, and land. Additionally, we produce FDA-regulated products in an energy-efficient facility that limits energy consumption and impact on carbon emissions. In support of our customers’ R&D efforts, we have guided them to replace products used in their various applications with more environmentally friendly alternatives.


Resolute Oil cares for its employees, the environment, and the communities its employees and customers live and work within. We provide our employees with the training and work environment they need to accomplish their goals and work safely, efficiently, and effectively. Resolute Oil has a diverse leadership and workforce, and as members of SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management), we ensure employee engagement, human rights, and labor standards are achieved. We offer an outstanding benefits package that protects our employees and their families during difficult times and help them plan for their retirement. Our less than 1% employee turnover rate results from our employees’ engagement and satisfaction with our company. Our long-term customer relationships demonstrate satisfaction with the service and products that Resolute Oil provides.

Ethical Statement

Resolute Oil maintains the highest standards of ethics in our business relationships. Our cornerstone principles are Honesty, Trustworthiness, Transparency, Accountability, Objectivity, Respect, and Compliance with regulations and the law.

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