COVID-19 Status Update

To our customers and suppliers,March 19, 2020

COVID-19 has impacted our nation, our families, our friends, and our business associates in a profound and immediate way. At this time, none of our Resolute Oil employees have contracted this virus. We hope that you, our friends and business partners, are also not personally affected by this pandemic.

Here at Resolute Oil, we understand the severity and evolving nature of the current Coronavirus outbreak and also the responsibility to continually update our customers and suppliers as things change.

We have implemented CDC guidelines regarding social distancing policies to reduce the likeliness of our employees catching or spreading the COVID-19 virus.

  • We have eliminated all travel. Our sales team will be contacting our customers through phone and email, to avoid unnecessary risk of exposure during this time.
  • As part of our company's long-term strategy, we have always cross-trained our administrative and production facility teams. Our Administrative teams are set up on an offense and defense status, we have half the team working in the office and half the team working from home. In the event of a forced office closure, we have set up all of our administrative staff to work remotely.
  • We have implemented an internal employee personal health guideline. We have also implemented commercial hospital-grade cleaning protocols for anti-bacterial practices. These practices have also been increased to two times per week by our cleaning crews.
  • Our raw material suppliers, production facilities, lab, and logistics all remain fully operational. We will continue to get updates from all supply and support sources and will coordinate with our customers on any changes that may occur.
  • Our mission is to remain open and continue to support you in the same timely manner that you have been accustomed to from Resolute Oil. Our dedicated team of professionals is here to assist you in any way possible.

Please let us know how we can support your organization during this difficult period. We can always be reached at 866-690-0417.

We wish everyone a safe and speedy recovery of health and business.

Best of Success,

Dean Grant
Chief Executive Officer
Resolute Oil